Hibernate debug log level is evil

Short story
I was doing some database tunning the other day, and marked the log4j logger level for hibernate to debug, meanning every query made gets output to the log.

Idiot Me
Ended the day and did a commit with this flag left in configuration.

1 month later we were bashing our heads on why the hell does a simple query takes forever. What changed in the system that made her so sloww.

It was my boss who traced down the configuration error in his regular eurica’s moments.

This thing could have been solved earlier if,

Commit hook would check if any debug configuration is committed to deployment brench.

The debug configuration were made in a user only configuration file, one that doesn’t get checked in immidiatly.

A better IT team would support us. From what I was thought configuration is the IT side,
cutting back cost on a good it team would cost you a whole lot of time and money – from tracing down configuration errors, to profiling, getting IT that knows his shit is importent.

Future Thoughts
Don’t forget to double check the flags you’re committing, and get a good boss