Build a startup Vs. University

I’ve been playing with the idea of building my own company for the last 4 years or so. and always when I come close with getting things going, I find fear, waiting there, looking at me, guiding me through a different path.

Fears Fears Fears

A lot of the things we do is defined by our fears. The fear of failure, The fear of not fully fullfil our true goal. those fears led me to a 1 year trip around the world when I was so close to the startup path.
And though, this trip upgrades me and my thoughts to a new level, and made who I am today, I keep thinking when will I’ll fullfil my true goal.


2 years pass since then, friends started up companies, some will succeed some won’t, but those people are getting experience, those people have the guts to change things. and me? my goal stayed the same – create my own product. make things better. improve the way we interact with the world.

Now when I’m close yet again to start my goal, those fears are what’s holding me back and perhaps guiding me towards the academic world.

Is there a good time for building your startup?

In short, No. you’ll always find doubts, and tons of other things you can do, such as getting higher education.

“I’ll start a startup after being in one – check”,
“I’ll start a startup after finishing studying – check”,
“I’ll learn more about the market first – check”.

Best time to open a startup is NOW. what’s worse thing to happen? I’ll fail and get plenty of experience for my next round? I’ll enjoy this journey to the entrepreneur world?

Goodbye fears. I’m off for my new startup… Image